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The Oz Charge Battery equaliser is designed for use with 12V lead-acid type batteries (AGM, WET, GEL & Calcium) which are connected in series to keep battery voltage equalised and in balance to ensure all batteries are charged correctly.

When two or more batteries are connected in-series the battery voltages maybe become different. One battery voltage maybe high and one low. The Oz Charge battery equaliser will equalise and balance the battery voltage when it detects a 20mV difference between the two batteries. It does this by transferring / shunting current from one battery (the higher voltage one) to the other battery (the lower voltage one).

This will essentially improve your batteries performance and will Extend the Life of Your Batteries.

The Oz Charge Battery equalisers can be used for 24V, 36V, 48V systems.

1 unit required for 24V system
2 units required for 36V system
3 units required for 48V system

Oz Charge OC-EQ5 12V 5A Battery Equaliser Module

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