Chargers & Accessories

Chargers & Accessories

We offer a wide range of chargers and accessories to complement our batteries. From battery chargers to maintenance accessories, we have everything you need to keep your batteries in top condition. Ballarat Battery Service provides reliable chargers and accessories for all your battery maintenance needs.

Terminals, Coin cell Batteries, Isolators and Household Batteries!

Full range of Battery Terminals, Mobile Phone batteries, Battery testing equipment and general household batteries such as AAA, AA and D size batteries available!

Battery Chargers, Lubricants, Jumpstarters and Battery Trays!

We stock an Extensive range of Lithium Jumpstarters, Sprays, Cleaning Products, Battery chargers and Battery trays!

Connector Leads, Anderson plugs, Shunts and Custom leads available!

The team can custom make a wide range of cable to suit whatever application you require!