Commercial Batteries


At Ballarat Battery Service, we provide robust commercial batteries designed to meet the demands of industrial applications. Our high-performance batteries are perfect for trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles, offering reliable and long-lasting power. Ensure your business operations run smoothly with our top-quality commercial batteries.

Delkor Commercial Batteries

Convenient maintenance-free battery, no topping up of fluid required

Increased durability with high-strength polypropylene case

Enhanced safety with heat-sealed covers and built-in spark arrestor

Designed for highest vibration resistance

Contains more active materials than standard flooded batteries

Enhanced grid design for greater durability

Batteries labelled HD specifically designed and engineered for mining and heavy-duty applications

Anchor-bonding provides increase resistance to vibration

AcDelco Commercial Batteries

Totally maintenance-free

Commercial-grade plates

Special alloy (Pb-Ca-Sn) high-tin content

Improved corrosion resistance

Tough PE separators

Lock-bonded plate groups (anti-vibration)

Special plate grid supports (prevent shorting)

Deltec Commercial Batteries

Thicker, Full Frame positive and negative plates

Thicker plates last longer

Full-Frame retains active material on grid

Deep Pocket envelope separators with fiberglass Mat Lining

Eliminates internal plate-shorting

Retains active material on plates in high mileage and high vibration applications